Revolting- The Terror Threshold DIGI-CD on Ablaze Prod.

$ 13.00

Re-release with bonus tracks, comes in a DVD sized Digi-Package!!! REVOLTING is proud to unleash their 2nd full-length CD! "The Terror Threshold" is 9 brand new songs of catchy, heavy, and twisted Swedish Death Metal, with even more intense riffing, bizarre and darker passages, and even more headbanging horror insanity! This release also includes 8 bonus tracks from the unreleased "Bonesaw Leftovers" MCD, which makes this CD have a total of 17 insane new blood-drenched tracks of Swedish horror Death Metal! Booklet comes loaded with killer artwork and some of the most horror-obsessed lyrics ever! The maniacal-madmen are back...get ready for the feast that is "The Terror Threshold"!