Rigor Mortis- Vaginal Gutting CD on Not Like Most Records

$ 10.00

DIG UP YOUR OWN GRAVE RIGHT NOW, because 15 brutal and very brutal tracks of gore-soaked madness are coming for you!. Almost 40 minutes of sonic zombification, which devours everything within miles around will meet you face-to-face, like in the old favourite low-budget splatter! Hyperspeed rhythms, neanderthal-like vokills, terror-filled athmosphere, sadistic killing spree which stabs your ears, brain and mind - don't seek for more, this is none heavier from Russia in 2007! Pick up your chainsaw and start the butchery! ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for each fan of masterpieces called "Darkest Day Of Horror" and "Re-Animated Dead Flesh", do you recognize whom we're talking about??? "Hails to the Russian MORTICIAN!" (c)Will Rahmer Sick as fuck Brutal Death Metal!!!!