ROTTENNESS- Sickening Chronologies CD on Sevared Rec.

$ 10.00

Mexico's best kept secret of Utter Brutality will now be unleashed on Sevared Rec. Ultra Brutal, Ultra Guttural Brutal Death Metal at it's best! This CD will compile everything the band as ever recorded (other than the 2 already released cds) It includes: "SICKENING CHRONOLOGIES (THE INESCAPABLE BOND OF LUST AND MUTILATION) 2008, THE 69 e.p. (ONLY SOLD IT ON TOUR) 2008, ADVANCE DEMO 2006 (ONLY SOLD IT ON TOUR) 2006, DEMO 2003, & A LIVE BOOTLEG FROM 1998. All 18 brutalizing tracks never before released on CD, or ever really released! This will be one of the most Brutal cds ever released! DO NOT MISS THIS!!! 18+