Saccage- Vorace CD on PRC Music

$ 10.00

One of Quebec's most hardworking band must be SACCAGE... in just a few year they went from nobodies to local heroes thanks, in part, to their mostly destructive, extreme and over the fucking top live performances! But SACCAGE is more than just a devastating live band, they are musically addictive! Describing their stye as
Satanic Death Crust, the band will appeal to the most brutal Death metallers but will also gain legions of fans within the thrasher, d-beat fans and Punks! Musically sounding like a dozen tons of bricks, somewhere between MOTORHEAD, (newer) DARKTHRONE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and the godsend crust hardcore kings DISCHARGE all wrapped up in the most spectacular dense hyper heavy and brutal METAL sound you can only dream to believe exists... So nothing flashy here, there is none of that hyper technical hyper blasting trigger happy metal in this band's music... SACCAGE stands for having a good time. In a Live setting, the music smells like Booze,  horny ladies, blood, sweat and puke... this is fantastic. This is the underground ladies and gents, not METALLICA. And we wouldn't change anything about it. To each his own... and SACCAGE is fucking destroying eardrums the way we all fucking like it! The band is awesome and a local phenomenon ready to explode worldwide.