Septekh- The Seth Avalanche CD on Abyss Rec.

$ 10.00

When you put on a disk and without notice essertene you are already listening to the sixth or seventh in a row, you have found something that entertains you and you enjoy the evening. This today is a victory, if we happen to a band until then unknown to you it would be a great thing. Septekh In fact, I did not know who they were, these Swedes I had never heard of and when I entered “The Seth Avalanche” on the stereo did not imagine what could wait for me. Being hit by almost twenty minutes of music that can likewise be compared to a mixture of alcohol Carcass more death’n'roll, Gehennah (drunkards), some forms the black / thrash primordial made in Sweden and Motorhead. It was a moment of complete and acceptable outburst, it is natural to let go with songs such as black with a strong ironic “Fuckslut From Hell” and “Shoot Them All” or get involved by less rhythmic Fast paced and heavy, but more concentrated and a title track that enhances the appearance and composition along with some sclerotic “Blunt Force To The Head” exudes a great sense of majesty groove. very good performance instrument which stands the test ” adrenaline rush, “the drummer Staffan Person that when you accelerate a sfracello and one behind the microphone Nils Meseke who performs using a growl / scream acid perfect to push further beyond the bar of” schizophrenia “inside the platter. Add a production that much more discreet and do not kill the sound of the bass and you’re done. “The Seth Avalanche” is extreme, bone-crushing and alcohol, the alcohol and this recipe is simple but effective Septekh conquer the space between your audience, give them the opportunity to do so.