Serocs- The Next CD on Comatose Music

$ 10.00

Serocs began in 2009 as a one-man project by guitarist Antonio Freyre that later transformed into a full-blown international band with the addition of Timo Häkkinen (Sotajumala), Mike Poggione (Monstrosity) and Jason Hohenstein (ex-Lecherous Nocturne). Serocs now present their first release with this new line-up entitled ‘The Next’. This album includes eight songs of pure devastation and chaos, with similarities to Cryptopsy, Wormed, Decapitated and Gorguts. ‘The Next’ marks a new chapter in the sound of Serocs as they bring technical death metal back to its heavier roots. This album also features guest appearances by musicians from around the world, including Antti Boman (Demilich), Chris Lollis (Lecherous Nocturne) and more. Recorded in eight cities across the globe, ‘The Next’ promises to leave a punishing and everlasting impression.