Shadow Of The Torturer- Dronestown CD on Memento Mori Rec.

$ 11.00

The sophomore full-length from our favourite U.S. doomsters. Previously only available on vinyl (co-released by Blind Date Records and Parasitic Records in 2013), Memento Mori gives "Dronestown" the CD treatment, including a bonus track taken from their split EP with Ghost Of Wem that wasn´t featured on the vinyl. If you thought that their debut album, "Marching into chaos" was a massive opus of abyssal despair, wait and see what "Dronestown" has on offer. Being the victim of a torturer has never felt so sweet! Bleaker than ever before, enveloping its desolate shade with heavy brutality, the claustrophobia that crawls along this album is something hard to explain with words and will suffocate and drain you of your life like a premature burial. As a plus for harshness, the album is a conceptual piece revolving about the infamous Jonestown Massacre, the so-called "revolutionary suicide" perpetrated by Jim Jones, leader of the Peoples Temple sect, back in 1978 in Guyana. Don´t kill yourself yet... You´ve got to hear this album first!!!