Shards Of Humanity- Fractured Frequencies CD on Unspeakable Axe

$ 11.00

Both their band name and album title bring to mind shattered glass and razor-sharp edges. That is perfect imagery for Shards Of Humanity. They play raw-yet-technically Adept death/thrash, influenced by mid-period Death, Sadus, Massacra, Pestilence and other scorching bands with a foot in Two related spheres of metal. Yet their sound is unmistakably their own as well, not overly beholden to any one influence or era. Having started as just a Two piece, with a drummer and guitarist-slash-vocalist, they were blazing their own trail from the very outset. Now, even with a third member added to beef up their guitar Assault, Shards Of Humanity is still more likely to Slash through the crowd than to submerge into it. Shards Of Humanity self-released an EP in 2012. Now they will follow that up with their debut full-length, Fractured Frequencies, consisting of Seven songs of exhilarating, annihilating, philosophically bent thrash and death metal. Unspeakable Axe Records is proud to deliver this gem from the underground.