Slime In The Current- Pissed On Resurrectine DIGI-CD

$ 10.00

Apparently this is a re-mastered and re-released version of the bands 2009 full length demo CD. Pissed On Ressurectine is a black metal album that is a low key, heavy and dark record. Every now and then they abandon that laying in the weeds or creeping mist approach / pacing and hit you over the head with a dose of grinding blast beat sections. To be honest those rapid fire interludes for me do not really fit the music, they are used sparingly however, so I can not complain too loudly. The vocals of Null I really like, they hover between mean yells and really obscure sounding whispered growling. Much of this record is driven by the riffing, which is kind of epic and keeps the mind wandering in an old Burzum-like fashion. Though Slime do like to throw in some unconventional parts or jolting bouts of aggression and song structuring that do keep you guessing a little bit and add some dynamics to the experience. Not youÂ’re every day mundane black metal band and this is a good album that is worth a listen. Are UW Records going get a proper website? They are putting out a nice roster of releases lately, but still only have this clunky long address of a facebook page and an Email address to get the album from. Hopefully they will be a little more accessible in future.