Subterranean Fecal Root- Anthems Of The Antisocial Underground C

$ 10.00

Subterranean Fecal Root come heavily armed with 37 face-pounding tracks specifically designed to absolutely repulse and disgust all sectors of this so called 'civilised society', excreting shockwaves of destructive oral and aural obscenity via the insanely harsh yet coherent spazzed out shrieking vocals, reminiscent of Macabre and Gronibard and backed by savagely sharp and abrasive riffs spliced with bowel stomping grooves and drum programming that is likely to induce an instant prolapse! Delibrately ignorant and proud of it, these pissed off abhorrent rednecks are on a mission to completely derail and eradicate all foolish, miguided and imprudent humans by smearing vile, steaming shitlogs in the faces of Christians, yuppies, conversatives, scenestars, pseudo-grinders, feminists and any other deluded tool that is completely devoid of any rational grounding in reality. Subterranean Fecal Root secure their conviction througxh such subtle abominations like "Beat the fuck out of Jesus", "Hate is a wonderful thing" and "Farting a spinich loaf on your face". If you cant get enough of Anal Cunt, Meatshits and Undinism then this nasty piece of debauchery is a must have!