Sulaco- Tearing Through The Roots CD on Willowtip Rec.

$ 10.00

Collectively accounting for over 30 years of experience playing in Rochester, NY's underground music scene, the three members of Sulaco have perfected a uniquely schizoid vision of how music should be played with their Willowtip debut, Tearing Through The Roots. Fronted by guitarist Erik Burke, one of the true godfathers of technical metal and mastermind behind zany carnival-grinders Lethargy, Sulaco fuels its fractured, inverted rhythms with a twittering riffing style that squirms and tinkles like an orchestra of deranged dolphins in heat, squealing and writhing rabidly between volcanic bass thrusts and runaway blast-beat crescendos. Inspired by the likes of Breadwinner and Human Remains, Tearing Through The Roots is an emblem for creative, bonecrushing complexity that refuses to sacrifice the groove or become declawed like so many in the post-Dillinger tech metal landscape.