SYPHILIC- A Composition Of Murder CD on Sevared Records

$ 10.00

Sevared Records is very proud to announce the release of the 4th album from the alcohol induced Ultra Brutal Guttural project Syphilic. This 37 minute long song is an experimental expression in the Brutal Technical Death Metal genre. Based on the life of an arsonist and serial kill from the early 19th century, all lyrics remain fact. Follow up to Behind bars, "A Composition Of Murder" picks up where the last left off in terms of odd time signatures, catchy riffing and bass lines and slides to follow all the string composition. This is topped off with Ultra Guttural vocals, and a slew of guest vocalists from Michigan and a few others that are located at the birth state and execution state of aforementioned killer. If this story doesn't make you lose all faith in humanity and religion, nothing will. AMAZING, DON'T MISS THIS!!!