Tension Prophecy- Tribal Hatred CD on Amputated Vein Rec.

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Tension Prophecy is a 4 piece Technical brutal death metal band from Tehran, Iran. Tension Prophecy started in 2007 when Ben and Ali (while playing in Diviner at that time), Mohamad joined Ben and they decided to form their own band. Ben had been playing death metal since 2001, and Mohammad had been a huge fan and of the genre since 2005. Mohammad was also the bass player in his own project, in 2006 he has been introduced to band from one of Ben's friend. The band soon got in touch with a drummer living in their hometown by the name of Arash Moghaddam, and Tension Prophecy was born. The band recorded a first album, entitled Riot of sacrificers in 2007, This demo got positive feedback and Tension Prophecy got offers from labels right away. Tension Prophecy have 3 album so far and last album the bands line up changed, Ali Esfehani took Mohammad's place as a vocalist and Pooyan Ahmadi as a bass player, Besides that Mani Golpayegani is active as a drummer and sponsor in band who living in Germany. They worked 2 songs with Hannes Grossmann the German drummer in the new album.