UNITED STATES OF GOREGRIND- 4 Way Split CD on Sevared Rec. (Devourment, NCC, Screaming Afterbirth, Corporal Raid)

$ 10.00

More copies found of the incredible 12th release on Sevared Rec.(Devourment, Screaming Afterbirth, Corporal Raid & Negligent Collateral Collapse) Ultra Brutal 4 way split CD, featuring some of the top bands in the Death/Grind Gore/grind & Brutal Death Metal scene today. All tracks on this CD are exclusive (except for Devourment's track "Baby Killer"), but will have the newest Devourment track on the split!!!!. Devourment, Screaming Afterbirth, Corporal Raid and Negligent Collateral Collapse. 19 tracks total! An absolute Must Have CD!!!!!!  Get one while you can!!!  AMAZING!!!