VHS / Goremonger / Organ Trail- Tales Of Horrific Mayhem Split CD on CDN

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Album Name: Tales of Horrific Mayhem

Mixed/Mastered by Patrick Bruss at The Filth Chamber
Cover art and back art by Luisma

1. Burial Practices and Funerary Incantations (Intro)
2. The Woods Won’t Let You Leave
3. I’ll Swallow Your Soul
4. The Chin and the Chainsaw

Band Members:
Mike Hochins: Strings and Screams
Patrick Bruss: Programming

Band Bio:
The 80’s….The time of neon, excess, and bad music. But the blood ran thick and eyeballs were exposed to some of the most ridiculous and nasty images ever committed to film. VHS is a tribute to the first time you saw Jason hit an unsuspecting girl into a tree, the first time Freddy cracked a one liner, or the first time you saw a gut munched in graphic detail.

This is a tribute to 80’s horror, clamshells and all!

If you took old school death metal, punk simplicity, and a dose of 80’s hair metal and thrash, threw it in a blender the resulting black goo would be the sound of VHS. It’ll stick to your teeth and probably rot your insides but if you are an old school metal fan you’ll love every second of it.

Lyrically VHS is like browsing a video store in the late 80’s. Inspiration is drawn from the classics but also some lesser known gems like Burial Ground, Nightmare Beach and Rats: Night of Terror. Succinct and bloody, the lyrics are like a well done gore scene but not without a sense of humor. This is a tribute to horror but not without poking a little fun at it.

Fast, catchy and bloody, that is VHS at its core. We are coming for you and we will not stop until the screaming stops. You have been warned!

Band: Goremonger

05. Psycho
06. Psycho 2
07. Psycho 3
08. Psycho 4

Band members:
Joey Daterape – Everything

Band Bio:
Depraved underground cybergrind!! Hated by labels and moms, loved by sickos!!

Started in 2004, Goremonger was started as an alternative to having to play with musicians who were not interested in the grind, myself with Sinworm on drums started Goremonger. I quickly took it to the one-man level and it has never changed.

I have played with a ton of bands all over the US, memorable ones are XXX Maniak, Anal Blast, Putrid Pile, Vulvectomy, Insideous Decrepency, Deaden, Fucksaw, Creophagy, and Divine Pustulence.

Band: Organ Trail

Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Bruss, Recorded at Mystery Ton Studio by Kenny Eaton

09. That’s my Mother You’re Pissing on
10. My Neighbor the Castrator
11. P.O.T.U.S.
12. Worm Tongue

Band members:
Tim Ulrich: Guitar
Matt Dorsey: Vocals
Eddie Sheffler: Drums
Berto Garcia: Bass.

Band Bio:
Organ Trail is a multi regional Death Grind band with heavy Gore and Horror influences hailing from PA, VA, and WV. Formed in 2013, fortified in 2016.