Whipstriker- Only Filth Will Prevail CD on PRC Music

$ 11.00

The Whipstriker is back and with an amazing album to booth! Raw, infectious, supreme... Pure fucking KULT with a capital K! Whip has surpassed himself greatly with tons of crushing riffs and some inspiring soloing showing the world the guy can actually play of his fucking instrument... there is obviously no triggers or fucking studio wizardry / effects here and thank whatever god you worship for this as "Only Filth..." will transport you to the golden days of WARFARE, VENOM, DISCHARGE, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, MOTORHEAD or TANK in an instant! Obviously not for fans of over technical Metal but if you worship the mid-80's you are in for a joyride! All this wrapped up in a superb heavy sound, a killer layout and and astonishing RIDDICK album cover... This is true Speed Metal and an offering to all of you worshiping at the altar of the Metal Gods!